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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I get it, Media: minorities just don’t sell products the way blonde hair, a “just-tan-enough” complexion, and a sparkling white smile will, but you could at least PRETEND like we are marketable. I mean, sh*t, we were marketable just 200 yrs ago but ::sigh:: thus is the nature of fashion and OH, how the tables have turned. 

I walked into the Downtown Crossing train station of the Boston “T” and was shortly thereafter accosted by images of thin waify women in even thinner clothes which are supposedly “80degrees warmer 100% cooler” according to your ads. Most of them were sporting the sort of poorly tailored, overly long sleeves I grew used to seeing on tween-aged girls in the 90’s. The kind with enough fabric sufficient not only to cover one's arms, but entire hand as well (but everyone now knows you just roll them up a bit to expose your wedding set, because otherwise, what’s the point?). 

I get it Cuddleduds. I’m not in your market, and you don’t want me to wear your clothes. You made it clear with your 20-something photos at, not only DTX-ing, but Park Street as well, NONE of which included a woman who was visibly a WOC (That’s gangster slang for “women of color”, quaint right?!?!). Perhaps I’m overreacting. Maybe there’s a legitimate reason for this. Maybe there were no “binders full of ‘women of color’”, just the binders with “women” were made readily available to you at the casting call. That’s fine. Totally cool. No bitter, intersectional feminist rage boiling over here. 

What I don’t get, is how you could go back on your end of the deal, guys. I thought we made it pretty simple: you get to throw a token POC into your advertising JUST as we were about to accuse you of being discriminatory and then we all laugh at the almost-accusation over a couple of double soy latte mochachinos from S-Bucks. Then we can all pretend that the CEO’s of your company are in that position because of true meritocracy and no one is any the wiser! Why was that so difficult? Way to ruin a good thing. 

Either way, I’m looking forward to one of two things happening:
1) You get your sh*t together and hire somebody brown
2) The polar ice caps melt enough to create a perpetual summer climate in which there will be no need for your clothes/advertisements. 

And again, either way, I won’t hold my breath. 

P.S. You too, LuLu!

One of more than 15 images at DTX on the Orange and Red lines in Boston. That's 15 f* ups CuddlDuds.

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